Rede auf der „Human Dimension Conference“ der OSZE-PV in Warschau

Dr. Daniela De Ridder als neue Vorsitzende des Ad hoc Komitees für Migration der OSZE-Parlamentarierversammlung

Warschau – Die Vizepräsidentin der OSZE-PV Dr. Daniela De Ridder hielt auf der „Human Dimension Conference“ in Warschau in der Session zu Humanitären Fragen die folgende Rede.

„Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for hosting and organizing this conference. As the new Chair of the Ad Hoc Committee on Migration, let me please discribe the humanitarian challenges in the context of flight and migration:

According to UNHCR data, more than 108 million people were displaced worldwide in 2022, more than ever before. Unfortunately, developments this year do not suggest a trend reversal. Russia’s criminal war of aggression against Ukraine continues with relentless cruelty.

Just recently, over 100,000 Armenians fled to Armenia from the Nagorno-Karabakh region following Azerbaijans military operation.

These examples show that a greater distinction must be made between flight and migration. Flight means that people have to leave their familiar surroundings because of circumstances that threaten their existence. The war, persecution and also the climate change cause flight and expulsion. Refugees need reception and protection in other states, with strict respect for their inalienable human rights. This means especially vulnerable groups such as unaccompanied minors, women, persons with disabilities and elderly persons. Illegal push-backs of people in need must not happen under any circumstances! This is incompatible with our commitments in the human dimension of the OSCE.

Having better prospects than in one’s own country often leads to migration. Migration is a legitimate desire. However, states have to determine the conditions. In view of aging societies and the

growing shortage of skilled workers in many economies, regulated and managed migration offers great opportunities. Labor market integration is most important for sustainable social integration in inclusive societies. I strongly recommend to focus more on best practice examples. Migration has to manage proactively and discrimination against immigrants must be prevented. Illegal migration and human trafficking must be combated decisively. To this end, there must be offers for legal migration and safe migration routes within the OSCE.

Similarly, repatriations of rejected asylum seekers are necessary. Regular reviews of so called „safe third countries“ are required. For this, field visits are essential to assess the situation on the ground.

Dear colleagues,

It is not enough to regulate just the migration and flight movements in a better way. The causes of flight such as hunger, gender based violence and the climate change must be combated more effectively! Reaching the SDG´s is the best way for this. No one flees voluntarily and risks his or her own life.

Let us start the dialogue about these priorities here and now. I invite you to share your thoughts and analyses with me. Flight and migration are central issues of our time. It is in our hands to master these challenges.

Thank you for your attention!“

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