Dr. De Ridder verurteilt De-Facto-Beteiligung von Belarus am Angriffskrieg

Als Sonderbeauftragte der OSZE-PV für Osteuropa verurteilt Dr. Daniela De Ridder die De-Facto-Beteiligung von Belarus an Russlands völkerrechtswidrigem Angriffskrieg gegen die Ukraine.

Auszug aus der Pressemitteilung vom 12. Oktober 2022 in englischer Sprache:

Belarus is de facto involved in Russia’s war against Ukraine

Berlin – Special Representative of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly on Eastern Europe, Dr. Daniela De Ridder, condemns Belarus for its involvement in Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine and expresses deep concern over recent statements announcing deployment of  joint military force of Belarus and Russia. 

„Such statements only serve to escalate the conflict and increase the devastating impact on the civilian population. Belarus becomes thus a de facto supporter of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. Participation of the Republic of Belarus in the war will create a risk of even higher and more dangerous escalation in the region.“

Special Representative Dr. De Ridder also stated that Belarus‘ accusations against Ukraine are unfounded and misused by the authorities, which can be a signal of an increasing disinformation policy on state level in the country. „Just as in the case of Russia, this marks again a fundamental breach of the norms and principles of the OSCE and the Charter of the United Nations that all participating states agreed on. Therefore, I call on Belarus to take all necessary measures to deescalate the situation. The international community will jointly respond to this act of aggression to ensure uniform standards in the assessment of violations of international law“, Dr. De Ridder said. 

The Special Representative once again emphasized that the war can only be ended with negotiations which are fully consistent with Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognized borders, including Crimea.

Berlin, October 12, 2022

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